The 33 annual fair «Real Estate from leaders» in Moscow

23  September  2015

The 33 annual fair «Real Estate from leaders» in Moscow.

The reasons to participate in the show:

  • You take part in the biggest and the most popular event at real estate market in Moscow
  • According to statistical data more than 5000 of exhibition’s visitors are interested in buying international realty.
  • You can find agents in Russia to promote your properties in Russia as well.
  • Participation in this fair is a good opportunity to make a deal with customers directly.
  • The exhibition takes place in the centre of Moscow near the Metro stations, hotels, sightseeing
  • If you represent the Property Developer you can offer projects and real estate objects both for investors and potential Russian buyers.
  • If you are International Real Estate Agency you can communicate personally with real estate buyers and present both highly and low priced projects.

If you represent Banks or International Financial Advisers you can advise to Russian customers the most efficient mortgage lending, payments and earnings.

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