At the exhibition Transport Week 2018 our company has built exclusive exhibition stands for NCSP and Togliattyazot

5  December  2018

Transport Week is an annual business event, held in accordance with the order of the Government of Russian Federation, which includes a series of nationwide and international activities dedicated to the transport industry. It has been hosted for the past twelve years by the Russian Ministry of Transport, with organizational support from Business Dialogue. The event promotes open discussion of the most pressing transport issues and the strengthening of mutual understanding between representatives of the government and the business community.

Exhibition is aiming to

  • Demonstrate innovative developments in transport and infrastructure projects
  • Promote financing projects in the transport sector
  • Promote the establishment and development of inter-regional and inter-sector partnership relations
  • Promote the integration of the Russian transport industry with the international transport system

In 2018, the XII International Exhibition will occupy 3,700-square-meters. It will demonstrate the progress made on the most significant projects in the rail, road, air, sea, and river transport sectors.

Exclusive exhibition booths: NCSP, Togliattyazot.

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