Metalloobrabotka 2015 - 16th International Exhibition for Equipment, Instruments and Tools for the Metal-Working Industry Privet has built exclusive exhibition booth

27  May  2015

The Metalloobrabotka International Exhibition is a Russian mega project giving guidelines for the development of the Russian machine-tool industry.

Metalworking is a technological core of today's manufacture. Its development determines the performance of the industry in general.

Promoting the latest technological solutions for the Russian machine building industry, Metalloobrabotka promotes the innovative economy in Russia, and speeds up the conversion of relevant hi-tech developments into commercial products and the introduction of these products to all branches of economy.

All the equipment is displayed in action.

Advanced facilities of the venue allow the exhibitors to demonstrate heavy-duty and large exhibits in use.

The most important thing for the modernization of the Russian engineering industry is competitive products that could provide a technological breakthrough in the enhancement of efficiency and quality of manufacture.

Exclusive exhibition booth GROB

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