Our Company has designed and constructed the exhibition stand

23  March  2016

The 34 annual fair «Real Estate from leaders» in Moscow. The reasons to participate in the show:

  • You take part in the biggest and the most popular event at real estate market in Moscow
  • According to statistical data more than 5000 of exhibition’s visitors are interested in buying international realty.
  • You can find agents in Russia to promote your properties in Russia as well.
  • Participation in this fair is a good opportunity to make a deal with customers directly.
  • The exhibition takes place in the centre of Moscow near the Metro stations, hotels, sightseeing
  • If you represent the Property Developer you can offer projects and real estate objects both for investors and potential Russian buyers.
  • If you are International Real Estate Agency you can communicate personally with real estate buyers and present both highly and low priced projects.
  • If you represent Banks or International Financial Advisers you can advise to Russian customers the most efficient mortgage lending, payments and earnings.

Exclusive exhibition booths:
Investments-Real Estate

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