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21  October  2015

“Golden Autumn” is the main agricultural event of the year for representatives of agriculture and food industry. Here companies show best domestic brands of food, novelties of fodder and veterinary production, the most productive breeds of animals and birds. One of the main sections of an exhibition is the specialized exposition of modern agricultural machinery and equipment.

“Golden Autumn” – is a real fair for the Russian agrarians at the end of the agriculture year, on the eve of Day of the worker of agriculture and processing industry

At the same time “Golden Autumn” actively strengthens its status of the largest economic forum in the sphere of agriculture and industrial complex. Annually exhibition is attended by the top officials of Russia and heads of the agrarian Ministries of the countries of Europe, Asia and America which allows to discuss serious political and economic questions connected with cooperation between Russia and near- and far-abroad countries.

The subject of development of the Russian domestic food market and creation of a viable network of wholesale distribution centers of agricultural production will become the leading vector for dialogue this year.

Much attention is paid to consideration of investment projects. Heads of many subjects of the Russian Federation are going to submit the projects showing the resource potential and investment appeal of their region at “Golden Autumn”. Besides Russia, within the separate thematic section, the investment agricultural projects will be presented by companies from other member countries of BRICS.

Expositions of “Golden Autumn” are accurately aimed at promoting best production of regional producers to the Russian and world agro-food markets. Every year exhibition is being attended by heads of the largest Russian and foreign companies, governors of the Russian regions, the management of banks and investors more and more actively.

Exclusive exhibition booths:
Nizhny Novgorod region,
Saratov region,
Tambov region,
Ryazan region

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