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25  November  2015

ENES 2015 is the fourth International Forum in energy efficiency and energy saving.

The ENES 2015 forum is not only a key event in the field of energy efficiency held by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow, but also a professional business stage and a meeting place for representatives of energy companies and state authorities. The participants find a good opportunity to discuss the mechanisms of implementation of the state program “Energy Efficiency and Development of Power Industry,” outline the ways to reduce energy intensity in various branches of the country’s industry, and learn the experience of advanced countries in the field of energy saving. The forum is meant to popularize the policy of energy-saving on the international, federal, regional and municipal scale.

The main topic of the forum is “Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in the Sectors of Housing and Public Utilities, Fuel and Energy Complex, Agriculture, Industry and Transportation.”

This event will show key developments and innovative solutions for these branches of economy. Foreign delegations will present their new developments and share their advanced experience in the field of energy saving. Delegations from Germany, the USA, China, Korea, France and other countries are expected to participate in the forum.

The forum is organized by: The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and the Government of Moscow.

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