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16  December  2015

IX International Exhibition Transport of Russia

The exhibition aims to present the year's results in the transport industry to the Russian government, as well as to foster a dialogue between the business sector and the government in order to jointly solve the problems facing the Russian transport industry.

Objectives of the exhibition

  • Demonstrate innovative developments in transport and infrastructure projects
  • Promote financing projects in the transport sector
  • Promote the establishment and development of inter-regional and inter-sector partnership relations
  • Promote the integration of the Russian transport industry with the international transport system

In 2015, the IX International Exhibition will occupy 3,500-square-meters. It will demonstrate the progress made on the most significant projects in the rail, road, air, sea, and river transport sectors.

Participant profile

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Freight and passenger carriers
  • Owners and operators of transport infrastructure
  • Regions representing significant infrastructure projects
  • Investment companies and banks
  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and communications systems, and safety and signaling devices
  • Repair and service companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Research Institutes
  • Schools
  • Media professionals

Exclusive exhibition booths:

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