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24  February  2016

On February 24, the Federation Council held the days of the Belgorod region. The purpose of the exhibition demonstrate the history and richness of the region, the strategy of development of the region.

Belgorod region - a highly developed industrial and agricultural region. The region has one of the largest Russian enterprises of mining, ore processing and production of iron ore concentrate, enterprise machine-building, food processing and biopharmaceutical cluster. Belgorod region is leading in terms of housing and roads.

Agro-industrial sector of the Belgorod region - one of the leading sectors, whose share in the gross regional product is 30%. Here the development of cattle breeding and milk production.

The business program of the event includes meetings of the Committee on Science, Education and Culture, on the federal structure, regional policy, as well as meetings of the Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, which will talk about the activities of the Belgorod agriculture in the conditions of import substitution.

The exposition of the Belgorod region turned out bright and full of light thanks to the uprights placed on them information about the region. On the catwalks placed colorful products Belgorod and huge single crystal sizes.

Exclusive exhibition booths:
Exposition of the Belgorod region

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