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20  April  2016

12 April in the new building of MGIMO of the Russian foreign Ministry hosted the IX Congress of the Russian book Union.

The event was devoted to the support and promotion of reading, strengthening of uniform cultural and educational space, to preserve the leading role of the book, literature and the Russian language in the education of the younger generation, the interaction between the book industry with the authorities, as well as the election of the governing and Supervisory bodies of RCM.

In the framework of the Congress, visitors were able to learn more information about the new Historical-literary award "Clio", established by the Russian book Union and the Russian historical society. Recall that the award "Clio" is awarded for outstanding achievements and significant personal contribution to the popularization of history and the formation of Russian historical culture.

The participants were presented with the opportunity to discuss development prospects and the role of public organizations in the Russian book industry. To talk about educational and cultural processes and about the problems that can face an aspiring writer and journalist.

The exposition is conditionally divided into zones: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Each zone bore the visitor into the past, present and future. Changing era, the events, the people, but the book remains the main source of information and education – the main message of the exhibition.

Exclusive exhibition booths:
The exposition of the Russian book Union

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