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27  April  2016

From 25 to 27 April in the Federation Council have passed the days of the Republic of Adygea.

The exposition is designed to demonstrate the historical sights of the region, the results and prospects of development of Adygea, the achievements of the region.

The exposition is divided into sections:

  • stand with a Central video wall with clips about the history of the Republic to the present day.
  • wall with waterfall. Republic of Adygeya is famous for many beautiful creations of water and stone, representing tourism interests.
  • column of the window and stand with ornaments, made in the style of Circassian jewelry art creative workshop of Asya Eutykh – is the unique Russian jeweler.
  • stand with the layout of the ski resort Lagonaki, which truly is the jewel of tourism.
  • stands with lightboxes agrobiznesklube and the Valley of Apple trees
  • stand with the live phyto from ivy, the emblem with the map of Republic of Adygea.
  • wall lightbox with information about the leading enterprises of the region.

The exhibition in the framework of import substitution were presented Adyghe cheese, butter, apples, and goods and services for which it is famous Adygea. The display was bright, rich and interesting.

Exclusive exhibition booths:
Exposition Of The Republic Of Adygea

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