Privet has built exclusive exhibition booths

26  October  2016

CONCEPT of Laboratory City Display Area

The display area framework in the form of a city with streets, squares and avenues was first presented as a part of the I Russian Congress on Laboratory Medicine in 2015 and received much positive feedback. Next year, in 2016, we decided to continue the city theme. So, what are guests of our laboratory capital going to see in 2016?

It is the main and the broadest street – Chumakova street – that meets the guests. It leads to the central square named after V.V. Menshikov. This square is a favourite place of city residents, as comfortable benches, beds of flowers and a grand piano, where music by classical and modern composers is played during the pauses between sessions of the Congress, creates a wonderful atmosphere for recreation, slow talks and making new acquaintances. There are two avenues and twelve streets radiating from it. All of them are named after great Russian scientists, such as L.A. Zilber, Z.V. Ermolyeva, M.K. Voroshilova, G.E. Vladimirova, A.F. Moroz, etc. Every street has its houses as it is supposed to be in any city, and these houses are exhibition halls. Each of them has its address and its inhabitants – companies – and, what is most important, its unique architectural façade. There are excursionists walking down the streets; they come into the houses where welcoming hosts – representatives of companies-exhibitors – are waiting for them.

Exclusive exhibition booths:

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