Privet-Media have built exclusive stand SPE AVIVAC on the exhibition «MEAT & POULTRY INDUSTRY RUSSIA»

5  June  2019

«MEAT & POULTRY INDUSTRY RUSSIA» is an important industry platform for demonstrating the most advanced developments in the field of manufacturing high quality products: from equipment and technologies for growing and keeping farm animals, from feeding stuff production to processing raw materials.

Topic sections:

  • feeding stuff production and foodstuffs
  • veterinary
  • agro-business facilities
  • breeding and pedigree work
  • equipment for cultivation and breeding
  • bio-energy
  • equipment for slaughter and primary processing
  • equipment and technologies for raw material processing
  • cooling and freezing equipment

The world's leading companies and experts in the field of animal husbandry, poultry, pig breeding, feed production and animal health.

Exclusive exhibition booths: SPE AVIVAC.

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