"Privet-Media" LLC have built exhibition stand “TASHIR ESTATE” at the exhibition MUF-2019

10  July  2019

Quality of life in cities is in the centre of discussions among politicians, economists, urban managers and planners nowadays. Megacities focus their efforts on the improvement of the quality of urban environment, the development of housing, transport, and social infrastructure, launch and expansion of wide range of urban services, as well as the promotion of their cities as tourist destinations. Thus, the overall objective of city administrations all over the world is the enhancement of quality of life and the provision of services for well being of their citizens.

Moscow Urban Forum 2019 under the title ‘Quality of life. Projects for a better city’ is dedicated to the presentations and discussion of the initiatives and megaprojects that are launched by city administrations, business, citizens and are aimed at balanced and sustainable urban development.

Two days of the Business Programme are focused on such topics as housing, sustainable urban development, social infrastructure, transport, and smart city technologies. The Urban Health Congress will be held in the framework of the Business Programme. The Congress will be dedicated to the discussion of how urban health indicators could inform municipal policies in the wide range of fields – from housing and transportation to city planning and social infrastructure.

Exclusive exhibition booths: TASHIR ESTATE.

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