Arrangement of an exhibition is a multi-aspect and multi-tier process. Creation of the concept and design, production and construction of the stand, its decoration and installation of the necessary equipment are only part of the story. Of great importance is the atmosphere that is felt at the stand. Along with the competent performance of the stand staff, the effectiveness of participation in the exhibition is influenced by such factors as comfort and hospitality communicated to visitors, actual and prospective partners.

The main purposes of participation in exhibitions are connection and communication. And what could better bring people together than a common meal? Fare is one of the elements creating an image, and what is more, an instrument of influence, so Privet-Media as an arranger of exhibitions provides its customers with catering services.

Popular catering formats


Coffee and tea accompanied by snacks - this format does not require a lot of space and time, or a complex table setting. It's one of the best budget options:

  • to feed the staff working at the stand;
  • to take care of the guests and participants of conferences or presentations taking place during the exhibition;
  • to show respect to partners and customers at the negotiations.


An adequate nutrition, taking into account the stand conditions. This format is convenient for both feeding the staff working at the stand for 6-10 hours a day, and entertaining the exposition guests (partners, customers) who spend as much time on the move during industry events. The company's employees will work more efficiently, while business partners will appreciate this sign of welcome and your attention to detail.


This event is good to mark the opening or closing of the exhibition, to accompany a presentation, or to celebrate signing of a lucrative contract. Privet-Media catering service can help in correct figuring of table locations, creating a balanced buffet menu, choosing appropriate beverages and defining the event protocol.

The professional Privet-Media catering team does its job quickly and consistently. Many years of experience in off-premise services and catering organization at national and international exhibitions, corporate and customer events allow the Company to warrant a high level of service.