Promotional staff

Arrangement of exhibitions is an undertaking where all things matter. Your stand can be state-of-the-art in terms of engineering and design, you can utilize the most advanced technology, your product or service can be eagerly sought, but all this could be negated by non-pros working at the stand. To avoid canceling out all the efforts and costs by the notorious "human aspect", much care shall be taken in selection of promotional staff for the stand and special events.

Privet-Media provides its customers with ample opportunities to choose stand staff, promoters, hostesses, models. Advisory services, distribution of promotional materials and samples, presentation of goods and services, promotional shows and tasting sessions, guest meeting and escorting - all this and more can be performed by the qualified personnel of our promotional unit.

The effectiveness of cooperation with Privet-Media Holding is determined by the following factors:

  • the Company has more than twenty years of experience in the organization of exhibitions, possessing the knowledge of all event formats and understanding of the marketing goals and strategic objectives assigned to the personnel;
  • we have an extensive choice of promotional staff, which is constantly updated - suitable experts can be selected for any task within the shortest time;
  • all employees undergo a rigorous screening - the criteria taken into account are not limited to presentable appearance and include education, general knowledge, attitude and social skills;
  • our experts have the necessary professional qualifications supported by subject-oriented instruction, regular trainings, detailed briefings and specific training prior to each specific event.

Stand staff

To work at the exhibition stand, young persons are selected who have an attractive appearance, communication and negotiation skills, and, if necessary, a specialized education. Meeting guests, distribution of promotional materials and oral information provision, assistance in the negotiation process and product demonstration - all these tasks will be performed by professionally trained stand assistants. The staff can be dressed in a special uniform or in accordance with a particular business dress code, with corporate identity elements (logo accessories, house colors).


In order to carry out advertising events, promote products and services, arrange tasting sessions, distribution of promotional materials, and perform direct sales, sociable, attractive and energetic young persons are chosen. The staff has the necessary knowledge of advertising technologies and the skills of competent communication with consumers.


Qualified employees can handle meeting and escorting visitors at the stand, or at the client's or corporate event. The qualities valuable in the selection of such personnel are friendliness and charm, courtesy and ability to keep an entertaining conversation and provide the necessary reference information, knowledge of etiquette and, of course, good looks.


Conspicuous appearance is an indispensable but not the only factor in the selection of models who work at an exhibition or a special event. The qualities taken into account at the casting are: communication skills, personal charisma, wide knowledge, good manners, and even endurance - many hours of work at a stand or presentation require an appropriate physical training. The ability to pose promoting the goods and not oneself is another important skill. The models rather often require choreography training, since promotional shows and spectacular acts are not uncommon at major industry forums.

An example of such a spectacle is the work of female models at the stand of MITSUBISHI MOTORS created by Privet-Media (Moscow International Automobile Salon'2014). The lively joint dance of models and the car (a SUV moving on special pistons) attracted attention of both visitors and the media.

Privet-Media takes each project scrupulously and considers all personnel issues in detail. An integrated approach and optimal cooperation conditions will ensure the effectiveness of your exhibition participation investment.