Video production

Standing out in a highly competitive environment and conveying to visitors the maximum information within a minimum contact time - those are the strategic challenges that the exhibitors face. Modern multimedia technology greatly expands the choice of tools to help achieve these goals.

Video demonstration at the exhibition stand allows to:

  • Capture the attention of visitors - moving objects catch the eye, and directional sound can lead the customer to the stand;
  • Convey information about the product benefits in an interesting and succinct way, since 80% of people are more receptive to visual explanation;
  • Use the human resources prudently - stand assistants get more time to communicate with visitors and make direct sales, as the information load is taken by video.

A video clip posted on the big screen visible from all points of the exhibition hall significantly expands the audience reach.

Production of video clips

The material used for showing at the exhibition can be an existing footage, but the best option is to create a custom video. Privet-Media, being an experienced arranger of exhibitions, offers video content production for stand displays, taking into account all factors. Prior to production of videos, all existing conditions are analyzed, such as stand location in the pavilion, visitor traffic, the multimedia complex configuration, the customer's marketing tasks, the technical parameters of the equipment, and more. Such integrated approach to the production of a custom video ensures a high return on demonstration of advertising and presentation video material, as well as effectiveness of investments in technological infrastructure of the stand.