Stand types

Privet-Media makes exclusive exhibition stands of seven types:

  1. Linear stand - has one face side. Such exhibition and advertising stands are optimal when there is a shortage of space.
  2. Angular stand - has two operating face sides. Such exhibition stands help use a small area to the best effect.
  3. Peninsular stand - provides exposition access from three sides. An ideal choice for presentations and show demos.
  4. Insular stand - and open space that concentrates the main elements in the exposition center. It provides a possibility to efficiently control what happens on one's own and surrounding areas, and promptly influence the situation. It requires a competent arrangement as is suitable for large exhibition areas.
  5. Walk-through stand - provides a good overview of the exposition due to one or several passages. Such a stand at the exhibition ensures a high traffic of visitors.
  6. Vis-a-vis stand - two exhibition stands with separate fronts facing each other. Important to note: the design solution must necessarily emphasize that these are parts of the same composition. Each unit should have its dedicated staff.
  7. Multi-level stands - two-storey structures. These types of exhibition stands can significantly expand the exposition area of and attract attention by their unusual architecture.