Angular exhibition stands

Privet-Media Holding offers exclusive exposition structures of its own production. Among the most common solutions one should point out angular exposition stands that have many advantages:

  • simultaneous attraction of several visitor flows. The exposition located in a corner is well visible from three sides. This feature allows counting on the attention of a wide audience of visitors and, as a consequence, yields a high advertising effect;
  • rational use of space. The structural features of such systems make it possible to limit oneself with a relatively small area, which affects the budget in a most positive way;
  • an eye-catching appearance. Such structures are conspicuous and have all chances to become a "center of attraction" for visitors, upon condition of their competent manufacture.

Professional execution of angular exhibition stands

The Holding specialists carefully think out all the constructional and design details of structures in the process of their engineering and manufacture. It's the reason why angular exhibition stands turn out spectacular and attract visitors even at a considerable distance. For this purpose, a variety of solutions is used, from exclusive lighting down to original suspension systems.