Multimedia exhibition stands (media stands)

Even for those who never participated in exhibitions, yet visited an exhibition pavilion at least once, it's obvious why all exhibitors put a priority on the following objectives:

  • To draw attention = To stand out from the general information "noise" and receive an initial advantage in a tight competition environment.
  • To make interested = To hold a potential customer, not letting him go to a competitor.
  • To convince = To use a maximum of arguments and influence methods within a minimum amount of time.

Multimedia stands (media stands) represent a new and effective solution for exhibitors. Screens for displaying "live" videos and 3D graphics, interactive walls, directional sound, laser technology, holography, stereo - these are just a small list of features ensuring a wow-effect for the exposition.

The potential of multimedia equipment

You can order an integrated project for production of a media stand. The experts of Privet-Media will provide everything, from creating a unified script and content down to installation of audio and video equipment. There's also a possibility to rent an interactive presentation media stand for certain types of activity.

Original screens for video content display. Media stands can be of any shape and size - wide-format, vertical, with a complex contour cut-out (logos, geographic maps, object silhouettes). They are made from various materials, for example, a rear projection film - such screens can be used many times. These media stands are mobile and space saving.

Video walls, interactive presentations and catalogs. The screens can be only a part of the exposition, or become a design solution of the stand as a whole. For example, linear, angular, or walk-through stands may consist of large-scale video walls. Interactive catalogs and presentations are convenient in that they allow the visitor to independently choose the information of interest: to look only through a part of the presentation, or to select a 3D model of the desired product and examine it in detail. Such media stand can be operated in any way: from a sensor panel, remote control unit, or by contactless control (via gestures or voice commands).

Interactive demonstration media stands. They ensure high stand traffic. They can be arranged as panoramas or separate video rooms. Installations created with such media stands are not limited only to demonstration of the necessary objects. They turn visitors into active process participants, who become immersed in a virtual reality and can shape it by themselves.

Directional sound. An effective and civilized solution for exhibition work. Thanks to the media stand, this sound is focused, creating a kind of a sound beam. It can be directed onto the visitors, as if leading them along this passageway to the stand. What is more, music or voice substantially do not spread beyond this sound tunnel, which means no cacophony or random noise in the pavilion.

Plus 50% - this is the experts' estimate of the growth in sales of goods promoted at exhibitions via media stands. Privet-Media is ready to develop a comprehensive innovation project turn-key ready, or to offer lease of exhibition and advertising equipment, as well as multimedia equipment rental for events.