Outdoor exhibition stands

Privet-Media Holding has its own production and technological facilities to manufacture advertising structures of any type, size and complexity level. Among other services we offer a variety of options for outdoor exhibition stands, with the broadest application scope.

Exposition structures are used on-street during various events. These include, among other things:

  • festivals;
  • mass celebrations;
  • sectoral exhibitions etc.

If you wish to place a stand on the street, you need to be aware of some features of these structures and to consider a number of important requirements to them.

  • High frame safety margin. Compliance with this condition ensures keeping of the structure balance even in case of strong wind gusts.
  • Resistance of the materials carrying information against various atmospheric factors. Outdoor exhibition stands have to withstand temperature gradients, increased moisture, they have be resistant to mechanical stress, ultraviolet exposure, etc.

The holding professionals rigorously meet all the requirements mentioned above in the design and manufacture of structures. This ensures a long service life and reliability of the systems.

Advantages of producing structures with Privet-Media:

  • Exclusive solutions - each Company's project is unique.
  • An integrated approach - we make, deliver and install the exhibition stand in the street.
  • Commitment to result - we are interested in effective operation of the structures as much as the customers are!

Privet-Media makes outdoor exhibition stands with diverse configurations and design. They represent exclusive solutions, due to which the outdoor promotional activities always take place in a bright and effective manner.