Two-storey exhibition stands

The objects most notably attracting the visitors' attention at any exhibition are two-storey exhibition stands. Owing to their size and exclusive design solutions, they allow the exhibitor to present its company at the exhibition on a higher level. Another major advantage of this design is an increase in the useful object area. The way to arrange the upper level depends on the general concept of the project. Yet, the most popular second floor option is a private coffee room with a negotiating area for VIP persons.

A two-storey stand is a higher complexity structure. Its design and manufacture can be handled only by a company that has a large number of implemented similar level projects in its portfolio. In the production of such stands we take into account the strictest technical requirements. Projects of such kind involve a calculation of load-bearing structures, including staircases, a safe installation of the lighting and audio equipment, an elaborated fire fighting system, and much more.

Experienced Privet-Media professionals will design and manufacture for you two-storey exhibition stands of any complexity and purpose.